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As part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 Program, P&R strengthens the use of One Health approaches in strategic planning, develops policies for human and animal health, encourages sharing of accurate health information to help guide management of activities, assists governments to asses their preparedness and response capacity, designs and implements consensus-based capacity building, and supports institutional and organizational development and cooperation at regional, national, and subnational level.

Susan Scribner serves as Project Director for P&R. Prior to joining DAI, Susan worked for 17 years for Abt Associates; from 2007-2009, she was Chief of Party for a project in Vietnam and Laos that built capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to Avian Influenza. She also led a health systems strengthening project in Uganda in 2004-2005. Susan has supported a wide range of projects from the home office and provided technical support and leadership in health policy, financing and governance, infectious diseases, and private sector health. Susan has extensive experience in strategy and business development and led the integration of Abt Associates’ Australian subsidiary, Abt JTA.

Project Director

Katie Taratus manages all financial and administrative aspects of P&R. She brings with her more than ten years of experience with DAI in new business, pricing, technical support, and project management in the Africa region. She graduated from the University of Virginia with bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and English, and received her MBA in International Development.

Deputy Director

Sambe Duale provides technical leadership on addressing human health components of One Health platforms, and leads the P&R expansion into West African countries. Before joining P&R, Dr. Duale worked with the World Bank on the conception and development of the West Africa Regional Disease Surveillance project. He also served for two decades on the faculty of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, in International Health Development.

Global One Health Technical Lead

Helen Petrozzola has 15 years of professional experience providing organizational development, training, and capacity building services to U.S. and international clients, with a focus on strengthening of individual and institutional capacities to support development goals. Prior to joining P&R, Helen co-led efforts design and field testing of guidance on response to outbreaks of unknown etiology under the USAID-funded RESPOND project. Previously, Ms. Petrozzola has served in a senior leadership role in the Office of Global Health and HIV at the US Peace Corps, responsible for guiding and supporting health and HIV programming in 72 countries. She has also served as Director of Programming and Training for Peace Corps/Caribbean and Peace Corps/Ukraine, and held leadership positions at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, and at UNAIDS in Ukraine. Ms. Petrozzola holds a Master’s of Research from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Institutional Capacity Building Lead

With over 20 years working on policy issues and development programs, Carol Miller provides leadership for P&R in policy development and implementation, strategic advocacy. Previously, Miller was Palladium’s Health Policy Project’s Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East, where she oversaw 12 countries. Before joining Palladium, Miller worked for Save the Children, where she formed their Public Policy and Advocacy Unit. While stationed in Ethiopia, she established the African Union Policy and Advocacy Office and developed training materials to support civil society capacity development in strategic advocacy and communication.

Prior to her work at Save the Children, as the Global Health Council’s Director of Public Policy, Miller spent four years in Turkey helping manage the USAID family planning portfolio by strengthening networks Turkish health CSOs. She has also worked for members of US Congress, focusing on legislative efforts in support of family planning, women’s health, pay equity, and family leave policies.

Policy Lead

Mark Rasmuson serves as Asia Regional Manager for the project, overseeing all technical and management components of our work in Southeast Asia). Previously, he served as Director of FHI 360’s PREVENT Project under the Emerging Pandemic Threats Program. Mark has more than 30 years of international development experience specializing in social and behavior change communication.

Asia Regional Manager

Robert Salerno is a global health and development practitioner with 15 years of experience working on complex development projects for a variety of bilateral and multilateral clients. A technical expert with DAI Global Health, Robert currently serves as the Manager of Technical Integration with the USAID Preparedness & Response project team, designing interdisciplinary interventions that support institutionalization of the One Heath approach.

Throughout his career, Robert has performed assignments in over 20 countries across Southeast Asia, East and Central Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Robert holds a BA in Psychology from Providence College and a graduate degree in Global Health from the University of California, San Francisco.

Global Health Practitioner

Dr. Agbo serves as a Regional One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in West Africa, serving Guinea, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone. Serge previously served as a Chief of Party, Project Technical Officer, and Immunization and Disease Surveillance Specialist on health projects for FHI360, URC, the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation and others. He holds an M.D. from the University of Cocody, Cote d’Ivoire, and a master’s in infectious disease epidemiology from the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, where he was a Fulbright Scholar.

Regional One Health Technical Advisor

Dr. Lionel Gbaguidi serves as a Regional One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in West Africa, serving Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, and Mali. He joins P&R as a managing partner at Agrivet Partners, a consulting firm a in animal health and nutrition, epidemiology, disease surveillance, health information systems, program management, risk assessment, data analysis, research and epidemiology training across a wide range of species in Benin and West Africa. At Agrivet, he advised clients from UN’s FAO-ECTAD, to USAID’s Stop Avian Influenza project, to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Benin. He holds his doctor of veterinary medicine from the National Veterinary Medicine School of Sidi Thabet in Tunisia, and his master’s in Tropical Animal Health Epidemiology from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium.

Regional One Health Technical Advisor

Mukeh Fahnbulleh serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Sierra Leone. Mukeh joins P&R from the government of Sierra Leone, having previously served as the Director of Planning, Policy and Training for the Public Health Emergency Operation Center in Cockerill, Freetown, as well as district liaison/coordinator at the National Ebola Response Center. He holds his master’s in public health and economics from the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

One Health Technical Advisor, Sierra Leone

Dr. Sylla serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Mali, joining P&R from Mali’s National Disease Centre, CNAM, where she has served as the Head of the Zoonotic Disease division since 2012. Prior to her role as Head of the Zoonotic Disease unit, she worked at CNAM in microbiology diagnostics and research since 2004. She holds doctorates in both veterinary medicine and microbiology, and has worked as an immunologist for almost 20 years.

One Health Technical Advisor, Mali

Dr. Sylla serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Guinea. He joins P&R from the Institut Superieur des Sciences et de Medecine Veterinaire in Dalaba, where he served as the Vice President, as well as a team lead on research in parasitology, ecosystems and the environment. He holds his doctorate in veterinary epidemiology from the Jilin University, China.

One Health Technical Advisor, Guinea

Loul Severin serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Cameroon, having played a central role in the development of the “One Health” National Strategy of Cameroon and the National Program of Prevention and Control of zoonosis. He joins P&R from his role as Deputy Director of Veterinary Service of Cameroon, in charge of sanitary protection and epidemiological surveillance at the Veterinary Services Directorate, Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries. He holds his doctoral degree of veterinary medicine Interstate School of Science and Veterinary Medicine (EISMV) in Dakar, Senegal, and his master’s in Tropical Animal Health from the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium.

National One Health Technical Advisor, Cameroon

Dr. Taha serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Cote D’Ivoire, joining P&R from the Ministry of Animal and Fishery Resources in the Veterinary Services Department. At the department, Dr. Taha monitored the implementation of the Pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campaign (PATTEC) initiative. He holds his doctor of veterinary medicine from the Institute of Veterinary Sciences of Bilda in Algeria and his master’s in Tropical Animal Health from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium.

One Health Technical Advisor, Cote D’Ivoire

Dr. Andrew Kitua, a One Health champion in Tanzania with more than 20 years of public health, epidemiology, and research experience, serves as P&R’s regional director for Central and East Africa. Before joining P&R, Andrew served as executive director of the Tanzanian NGO Public Health and Environmental Advancement Interventions (NGALAKERI), specializing in public health research and interventions. As an independent consultant and researcher, he has been published in almost 60 peer-reviewed journals on epidemiology and public health. He received his medical doctorate from the Universita Degli Studi Di Milano in Italy, his master’s in epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and his Ph.D. in epidemiology from Basel University, Switzerland.

East Africa Director

Dr. David Mutonga serves as a Regional One Health Technical Advisor for P&R is Central and East Africa, overseeing P&R’s work in Kenya and Tanzania specifically. He joins P&R from the WHO, where he served as an epidemiologist, technical officer and eventually team leader in preparedness and response to public health events and pandemic threats. Prior to his work at WHO, David was the head of the Division of Disease Surveillance and Response for the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation in Kenya, having also served as medical officer and resident in the Kenya Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (FELTP). He holds a bachelor’s of medicine and surgery from the University of Nairobi, and a master’s in applied epidemiology from Jomo Kenyatta University

Regional One Health Technical Advisor

Winyi Kaboyo serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Uganda. Winyi joins the project from his position as Acting Commissioner of the Community Health Department, as well as Assistant Commissioner of Veterinary Public Health, for the Ministry of Health in Uganda. He holds his bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from Makerere University, his master’s in public health from Johns Hopkins, and brings with him more than thirty years of experience as a veterinary epidemiologist.

One Health Technical Advisor, Uganda

Dr. Kinani serves as National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Rwanda, based in Kigali. Prior to joining the project, he served as a lecturer on Wildlife Disease at the Kitabi College of Conservation and Environment Management; as a research and training consultant for One Health and Conservation with Gorilla Health; and as the head veterinarian for the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project in Rwanda, among other positions. Dr. Kinani brings more than 20 years of experience in wildlife veterinary health and epidemiology to the project in Rwanda.

Dr. Kinani holds his Master’s in veterinary science from the National University of Lubumbashi in Democratic Republic of Congo, his doctorate in science and veterinary Medicine from the Cheik Anta Diop University of Dakar/ Senegal, and also received his Master’s in Field Epidemiology from the Field Epidemiology Leadership Training Program at the University of Rwanda-School of Public Health, sponsored by USAID.

One Health Technical Advisor, Rwanda

Dr. John Kunde serves as the One Health Technical Advisor for P&R for Tanzania, having served as the principal research scientist with the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) there. John has worked epidemiologist, public health and project management specialist in Tanzania for over fifteen years. He holds his MD from Tanzania and Ph.D from the University of Edinburgh.

One Health Technical Advisor, Tanzania

Thomas Nyariki serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R for Kenya, based in Nairobi. Previously, Thomas worked as a Wildlife Expert for the African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR), providing technical advice in disease preparedness and response programs aimed at strengthening capacity of the African Union Members States to respond to avian influenza and other emerging pandemic threats. Thomas brings with him almost twenty years of professional experience, as well as his BVM, MSc, and PhD in Veterinary Pathology from the University of Nairobi.

National One Health Technical Advisor, Kenya

Dr. Abebe Wossene Wolde serves as the National One Health Technical Advisorfor P&R in Ethiopia. Dr. Wolde joins the project from his position as a consultant for the UN’s Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD), part of their Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), developing their multisectoral surveillance planning for MERS/ CoV. Prior to his work at the UN, he has served on the faculty of veterinary medicine at Addis Ababa University for almost 30 years. He holds his doctoral degree of veterinary medicine from Addis Ababa University, and his master’s in veterinary science from National Veterinary School in Toulouse, France.

National One Health Technical Advisor, Ethiopia

Solomon Benigno serves as P&R’s regional director in Southeast Asia. Prior to this, he served as a One Health Technical advisor and provided planning, support and oversight to P&R activities in Indonesia and Bangladesh, as well as activity coordination with WHO, FAO, OIE and the CDC in Southeast Asia. Before joining P&R, Solomon worked with the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Secretariat as coordinator of agricultural industries and natural resources programming, with World Animal Protection as a senior advisor on ASEAN, and as a poultry industry consultant.

Southeast Asia Director

Dr. Khounkham “Noi” Xaymounvong, P&R’s One Health Technical Advisor in Lao PDR, is a medical doctor and master’s in Public Health with more than 15 years of experience in pandemic preparedness, outbreak investigation and response, and program management in Lao PDR. Prior to joining the project, Noi served as the National communication consultant with National Immunization Program for WHO, as well as a program manager for international NGOs such as FHI 360, CARE International, and ADRA. She began her medical career as a Deputy of Internal Medicine Ward in Laksao Hospital, Khamkeuth district, Borlikhamxay province, and later as the Deputy of Internal Medicine Ward at the Borlikhamxay provincial hospital.

One Health Technical Advisor, Lao PDR

Dr. Asfri Rangkuti serves as the national One Health technical advisor in Indonesia. Asfri joins the project from the UN Food and Animal Organization (FAO), where he served as a Regional Animal Health Officer for Asia and the Pacific. Prior to working with FAO, he worked as a technical officer in veterinary science for ASEAN. He holds his bachelor’s degree in veterinary science from the University of Syiah Kuala, in Banda Aceh, and his master’s degree in agricultural science from the University of Göttingen, Germany.

One Health Technical Advisor, Indonesia

Le Thanh Hai serves as the One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Vietnam. Hai brings more than seven years of experience in policy development with USAID emerging infectious disease programs in Vietnam.

One Health Technical Advisor, Vietnam

Dr. Abul Kalam, P&R’s National One Health Technical Advisor in Bangladesh, joins the project after working with the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as both the Bangladesh national project coordinator and an animal health officer. Prior to his work with FAO, Abul served as the head of the Epidemiology Unit for the Department of Livestock Services in Bangladesh. He holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a master’s in veterinary science from Bangladesh Agricultural University.

One Health Technical Advisor, Bangladesh

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