Uganda has a National Task Force (NTF) which aims to coordinate epizootic/epidemic investigation and response to an emergency or other public health event of national importance at the human-animal and environment interface. Based on a desk review and our in-country meetings, P&R drafted a Country Engagement strategy that focuses on assisting the NTF to move from its current ad hoc status based on responding to periodic disease outbreaks to a preparedness and response driven-entity.

The P&R regional team met with senior representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries and Uganda Wildlife Authority to validate and complete information gathered during the desk review. Priority actions which were identified and those aligned with P&R’s objectives were focused on. One of the priority activities Uganda stakeholders requested P&R to support was the convening of a high level OH stakeholders consultative meeting. Thanks to P&R technical, financial and facilitation support, the workshop took place in August 2015, and resulted in the review of existing OH framework and past experiences of collaborative multi-sectoral activities. Participants agreed on a OH coordination framework, now undergoing formal review and approval by senior management from all OH sectors. They also agreed on the structure, the road map and appropriate institutional and regulatory arrangements for the establishment of the national platform. The outputs of the consultative workshop also informed the development of the year two country implementation plan.

P&R Experts

Winyi Kaboyo


Winyi Kaboyo serves as the NOHTA for P&R in Uganda. Winyi joins the project from his position as Acting Commissioner of the Community Health Department, as well as Assistant Commissioner of ...