In June 2015, the governments of the United States and Senegal - and other stakeholders such as the World Health Organization, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, universities and the private sector - engaged in a process to identify gaps, challenges and priorities for the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) in Senegal. The consultative process resulted in the development of the GHSA Roadmap for Senegal. The P&R team held face-to-face meetings and electronic exchanges with stakeholders, mainly with USAID’s GHSA Technical Advisor Dr. Magatte Ndiaye and the two GHSA focal points from the PM’s office to discuss potential areas for P&R technical assistance for developing a formal multi-sectoral coordination body to promote One Health.

A P&R team conducted an introductory visit August 17- 21, 2015 in Senegal. P&R also provided resources and informed discussion on One Health and on multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms to GHSA stakeholders in Senegal - including selected ministries, WHO, FAO, and Institut Pasteur.

In early January 2016, P&R will participate in a meeting with GHSA focal persons, from both USG and the government of Senegal, to validate the road map developed and review the proposed GHSA/ One Health coordination mechanism. And later in the month, the team will facilitate the formal GHSA work planning workshop.

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