Mali has had experiences with multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms established through government decrees or decisions, including the Prime Minister Decree of July 10, 1997 creating the Permanent Committee for the Management of Epidemics, and the Ministerial Decision creating and defining the functional structure of the Technical Coordination Committee for the Control of Avian Influenza. A “Comite de veille” chaired by the President of the Republic was also set up in 2014 to oversee the preparedness and response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak.

The GHSA workshop, facilitated by P&R in September 2015, was the beginning consultation needed to create a National One Health Platform (NOHP). The P&R team will continue the dialogue with the GHSA focal points of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, USAID and CDC country teams, and other stakeholders such as FAO, WHO, and Fondation Merieux to identify technical assistance needs that P&R can address to support the establishment of functional NOHP.

P&R Experts

Djeneba Sylla

National One Health Technical Advisor, Mali

Dr. Sylla serves as the NOHTA for P&R in Mali, joining P&R from Mali’s National Disease Centre, CNAM, where she has served as the Head of the Zoonotic Disease division since 2012. ...