As part of the formal engagement process, P&R visited and held discussions with senior government officials from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries, Kenya Wildlife Authority, Field Epidemiology Training Program, and the Zoonotic Disease Unit (ZDU), as well as partners such as FAO, CDC, and USAID. During the meetings P&R project was formally introduced, and country priorities and potential areas of support discussed. Key priorities identified included: formalizing OH platform establishment through policy formulation for sustainability, advocacy with senior government officials in all OH sectors; strengthening technical and coordination capacity of the ZDU; and strengthening monitoring and evaluation, including midterm evaluation of the country OH strategic plan.

Following further consultations with the ZDU, a two day stakeholders planning meeting was held. Priorities aligned with the P&R scope of work and objectives and with Kenya OH strategic priorities were jointly selected and focused on for further planning. Activities identified during the meeting were used to develop P&R year two work plan and country implementation plan.

P&R also participated actively in the Kenya GHSA implementation review and year two work planning workshop. P&R highlighted its contribution to GHSA Kenya and listed activities from year two implementation plan, which were included in the GHSA year two plan. This planning enabled the various partners and projects to see areas of overlap and to discuss areas and ways of cooperation.

P&R Experts

Thomas Nyariki

National One Health Technical Advisor, Kenya

Thomas Nyariki serves as the NOHTA for P&R for Kenya, based in Nairobi. Previously, Thomas worked as a Wildlife Expert for the African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBA...