In January 2015, the USAID Mission, FAO, and EPT-2, including P&R, OHW, and PREDICT, held internal EPT-2 meetings in Jakarta. These meetings reviewed accomplishments during the original EPT project, and discussed with USAID officials how each project would cooperate with other EPT-2 partners, aligned to both the EPT-2 Strategic Areas of Focus and GHSA Action Plans. On January 13, 2015 EPT-2 partners attended the launch meeting in Jakarta, hosted by government of Indonesia Ministries, with representatives from KOMNAS, Ejikman Reference Laboratory, INDOHUN, FETP-Indonesia, FAO, and CDC attending.

In March 2015, P&R staff were invited to attend FAO EPT-2 planning meetings in Jakarta. They also met with the USAID mission to discuss sending two Indonesia government officials to both the TEPHINET International Night/EIS Conference in Atlanta (April 20-23, 2015), and the P&R workshop in Washington DC. Officials were able to attend the conference.

Over the last six months, a series of additional high-level meetings and technical consultations with KOMNAS were made to identify gaps and formulate an action plan for the development of operational guidelines for outbreak preparedness and response. These operational guidelines will also provide the framework for subnational One Health platforms (KOMDA), to improve their capacity in preparing and responding to public health events at provincial and district levels. Also emphasized in our engagement with KOMNAS was the need to revise its legal mandate. P&R took this as an opportunity to start working on an action plan that could improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the platform. It is expected that upon the completion of the ongoing review of non-structural entities (KOMNAS included) by a government reform committee, the action plan would be adapted and further refined.

P&R Experts

Dr. Bimo

National One Health Technical Advisor/ Consultant, Indonesia

Dr. Bimo, P&R’s NOHTA/ Consultant in Indonesia, is a senior public health adviser with more than 30 years of experience. Prior to his work with P&R, Dr. Bimo served as a consultant in In...