Institutional Capacity Building (ICB)

The P&R project is based on the belief that if we begin by strengthening an NOHP’s underlying institutional capacities, then strengthen the NOHP’s technical capacity to carry out its core functions, countries will be better prepared to respond to emerging pandemic threats.

In order to be effective, National One Health Platforms (NOHPs) require institutional as well as technical capacity. The technical capacity focuses on the “what” the institution is trying to achieve. Institutional capacity relates to the “how.”

ICB starts with enhancing organizational performance and individual development by improving the way the various elements or systems work together. It also takes into account the technical mandate, and is specifically concerned with improving the institution’s capacity to carry out its core functions. In the case of NOHPs, these capacities might include strategy development and planning, epidemic response capabilities, multi-sectoral coordination, policy development, or monitoring and evaluation.

To develop those capacities for each country’s NOHP, P&R has developed a framework comprised of eight components:

  • Mandate
  • Institutional Arrangements
  • Implementation Capacity
  • Staffing
  • Systems and Processes
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Organizational Development
  • Resources