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One Health Facilitator Training in Africa

July 2016

A One Health approach necessitates working across disciplines and across sectors of government. It involves bringing people together—physically or virtually—to share information, collaborate on planning, and coordinate decision-making. The challenge is how to do this as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To meet this challenge, P&R launched the Facilitation Capacity Building Initiative.

As P&R began working with countries in Africa and Asia on One Health approaches, the project recognized the need for trained, local facilitators to bring together government officials, civil society organization and members of the private sector.

The Facilitation Capacity Building Initiative was designed to support regional facilitators in strengthening their skills and facilitating the development of One Health approaches. Two six-day training sessions were held, the first in Kampala, Uganda and the second in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. In total, 31 participants were trained in topics like core facilitation skills, decision-making strategies and emotional intelligence. They represented 15 different countries and a wide breadth of experiences, which led to further enrichment beyond what was offered in the course. Over two-thirds of participants were female and over a third were bilingual English-French speakers.

P&R has already begun engagement with East Africa participants for projects in Tanzania, and is expected to roll out additional activities in both regions that will tap into this valuable network of skilled facilitators. The participants expand the pool of resources available not only to support implementation of a One Health approach, but also to increase local capacity for facilitation throughout the region.

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East Africa Director
Dr. Andrew Kitua, a One Health champion in Tanzania with more than 20 years of public health, epidemiology, and research... Read More

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