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Uganda Assesses Outbreak Preparedness Through JEE Exercise

July 2017

Uganda recently held a Joint External Evaluation Exercise to assess its capacity to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to public health threats. P&R was present to provide technical assistance throughout the 5-day event which was organized in close collaboration with One Health government sectors and partners including, WHO, CDC, and USAID.

Uganda’s Minister of State for Health, Hon. Sarah Opendi, opened up the meeting promising evaluators an honest and open assessment, which would help the government identify gaps, challenges and measures of strengthening and improving public health systems in the country. 19 Technical Areas (TA) were assessed during the evaluation exercise on how well their attributes were being implemented. P&R took the lead alongside Uganda’s National One Health Platform in supporting the country’s Zoonotic Diseases Coordination Office (ZDCO) to conduct both internal and external evaluations.

Following the JEE exercise, a number of recommendations were made for moving One Health forward in Uganda. These recommendations included the development of a national One Health Policy to guide and support implementation of One Health at National and Sub-national/district levels, and the development of a formal integrated real time zoonosis data sharing and joint outbreak response mechanism in various agencies, among other things.

USAID emphasized the need to improve collaboration between all sectors by improving and strengthening the One Health approach and Platform in preparation for the upcoming global GHSA ministerial conference that is taking place in October 2017 in Kampala.

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