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P&R Celebrates One Health Day 2017 with Half-Day Symposium

November 2017

L to R: Dr. Bernadette Dunham, GWU, Dara Lieberman, Trust for America’s Health, Dr. Melissa Perry, GWU, Robert Salerno, P&R and Sunita Krishnan, GWU Student One Health Club.

On the second annual International One Health Day, P&R, in collaboration with the GWU Student One Health club hosted a half-day symposium titled, “Emerging Pandemic Threats – One Health in Practice.” (Watch the video here.)

The event took place on Friday November 3, 2017, at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington DC and was moderated by the GWU Students for One Health.

Dr. Bernadette Dunham gave a welcome address calling One Health day a timely initiative that gives scientists and advocates a powerful voice for moving beyond the current provincial approaches to emerging zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial diseases, food safety, pollution and many other threats.

One Health experts from both the private and public sectors were present including William Center, Director of International Funding Organizations, Phillips North America, Dara Leiberman of Trust for America’s Health, Will Sander of the One Health Academy, Dr. Ron Waldman, GWU Professor and Dr. Anthony Tran, Director of the DC Public Health Laboratory.

Dr. Anthony Tran delivered a keynote on real-time response to public health threats. Before his current role at the DC Public Health Laboratory, he was involved in the response effort of the 2015 Ebola virus case in New York. Tran highlighted the importance of labs in multisectoral collaboration. He also stressed the need for collaboration between labs and public health sectors, lauding the New York Ebola response effort as effective coordination between the NY lab, the Department of Public Health and the CDC. “They would not have been able to do anything without proper coordination,” he said.

The occurrence of infectious diseases will persist due to a multitude of influencing factors but a continuous advocacy for the importance of One Health and trans disciplinary management will help us in preparing and responding to them.

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