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Measuring One Health Platform Capacity and Performance in Guinea

February 2018

On Feb 13-14, P&R facilitated the One Health Self-Assessment in Guinea, to measure organizational and performance capacity of the national One Health platform. The workshop was conducted with attendance from a good range of stakeholders of the platform in Guinea. Dr. Mane Seny, vice president of the platform, chaired the workshop and presented both the agenda and an update on the process to establish the Guinea platform.

One of the government facilitators from the Ministry of Environment went on to co-facilitate the self-assessment with the P&R facilitator. The facilitators went through the tool before organizing the participants in teams to conduct the self- assessment.

Each group had to review some sections of the organization capacity tool and the Performance tool. Two plenary sessions were organized during which each group presented its results and all participants had to reach consensus by hand voting on the final scores. The summary scores showed that the Guinean platform is at the developing stage on the organizational development spectrum.

The P&R One Health Self-Assessment provides a baseline to evaluate the progress of the platform over time and helps P&R to better align its interventions to the needs of national governments – all in service to advancing a multisectoral One Health agenda. The self- assessment process is facilitated in three modules: platform organizational capacity assessment, organizational performance assessment, and prioritization and planning.

To ensure duplication and sustainability of this process, a methodology comprise of a Training of Trainer workshop is conducted before the self-evaluation itself. On Feb 8-9, P&R successfully conducted a Training of Trainers on facilitating the P4P self-assessment that seven high-ranking individuals from the platforms attended, including 3 from the Ministry of Environment, 2 from the Ministry of Livestock, and 2 from the Ministry of Health.

The co-facilitators organized the prioritization during planning sessions where the 10 most important activities to be implemented the coming 12 months were set. To close the workshop, the Chair expressed great satisfaction with the process and congratulated the participants for their valuable contributions to the discussion.

Despite post-election insecurity in the city due to municipal elections, P&R was able to complete the Self-Assessment Training of Trainers and the self-assessment with great enthusiasm and participation. The workshop started on time with more than 75% of the participants who were present, demonstrating a keen interest from the stakeholders and a successful step forward for the institutionalization of the One Health approach in Guinea.

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