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Mali Prioritizes Diseases

December 2017

L to R: Dr Diall, FAO, Dr Doumbia, FAO, Dr Gbaguidi USAID/P&R

In October 2014, WHO was notified of a laboratory-confirmed case of the Ebola virus in Mali. Though the country was able to curtail the spread and adequately respond to the threat, emerging or re-emerging zoonotic diseases continue to pose a threat to human and animal health. National representatives of Mali, in understanding the impact of these diseases, held a Zoonotic Diseases Prioritization workshop as one of the first key measures in addressing the threats.

The zoonotic disease prioritization workshop recently took place on October 25-26th, in Bamako with P&R providing technical support to the GHSA coordination committee and other technical partners. The workshop was designed to identify zoonotic diseases of public health interest in Mali using P&R’s multi-sectoral One Health approach and a tool developed by the CDC.

The first day of the workshop was spent identifying a selection criteria for prioritizing certain diseases and the second day spent actually prioritizing the diseases. Five zoonotic diseases were prioritized in the West African country and recommendations were made to develop multisector preparedness and response plans for selected zoonotic diseases.

For Mali, next steps include a road map based on five areas of focus in improving the prevention and the control of the five prioritized diseases, including collaboration and human resources development.

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One Health Technical Advisor, Mali
Dr. Sylla serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Mali, joining P&R from Mali’s National Disease... Read More

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