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Mali Measures One Health Progress with First Performance Assessment

April 2018

Participants of the Mali P4P Workshop

On March 14-15, 2018, P&R organized Mali’s first Planning for Performance, P4P workshop in collaboration with the Mali – GHSA coordination committee. Prior to this event, P&R trained three local facilitators on skills needed to successfully conduct the P4P exercise.

The P&R One Health P4P is both a process and a tool that measures the organizational and performance capacity of a country’s National One Health Platform, NOHP. P4P establishes a baseline for both categories, allowing for evaluation of a NOHP’s progress over time, and helping P&R better align its interventions to the needs of national governments in advancement of a multi-sectoral One Health agenda.

Participants from various ministries, WHO, FAO-ECTAD, and other partners attended this workshop at the Hotel Azalai in Bamako, Mali. Dr. Baridjan Diakite, the Technical Advisor for Mali’s Ministry of Health, chaired the opening ceremony.

Mali’s GHSA coordinator, Dr Diarra Souleymane, gave a brief on the reality of One Health in the country, highlighting P&R’s continuous support in institutionalizing the One Health approach in Mali. The P4P assessment showed that Mali’s National One Health Platform was at a developing stage and that all basic organizational development, systems, and processes were in place with a few select domains having ongoing weaknesses.

With an emphasis on increase in capacity building, a series of activities have been prioritized for the remainder of the year in Mali and will be implemented in line with moving the country past it’s current stage of development.

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