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Liberia Launches Second One Health Platform in West Africa

August 2017

To promote multisectoral collaboration and coordination in preventing, detecting, and responding to public health threats, P&R recently organized and facilitated a two-day One Health Ministerial Retreat in joint collaboration with national partners in Liberia.

Following the 2014 Avian Influenza and Ebola outbreaks in Liberia, the country had partially adopted a One Health approach but had not formally institutionalized the concept. Since 2015, P&R has actively supported the Liberian government in institutionalizing One Health and establish a formal platform.

During this retreat, participants received updates on the status of One Health implementation in Liberia. An exhibition on One Health platform structures in other African countries also displayed.

On the final day of the retreat, the Declaration of Commitment for One Health Coordination was signed by various ministries and then endorsed on behalf of the Vice President of Liberia. The National One Health Coordination Platform was launched, representing a key milestone in Liberia and the GHSA road map.

A P4P review will follow this launch for the platform to evaluate its capacity baselines and organizational performance for areas of improvement.

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