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Laos Holds First EPT2 Partners Meeting

November 2017

EPT2 Meeting Attendees

On November 7, P&R coordinated the first EPT2 Partners Meeting with the Government of Lao People’s Democratic Republic, GOL. The meeting took place in Vientiane and was attended by 23 participants including representatives from the Department of Communicable Disease Control, National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE), USAID, FAO, WHO, and P&R. Focal points of this meeting also included harmonizing activities across projects to further integrate the EPT2 program in Laos.

Participants successfully identified key developments and priority objectives for the GOL such as a necessary law on communicable diseases and a body of individuals to support implementation of that law.

In looking forward to year 4, partners identified opportunities for activity collaboration and agreed to improve coordination and communication. P&R was recognized for facilitating this meeting and for its continuous support since the launch of the EPT2 program in 2015. This meeting will continue to hold bi-annually.

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