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Investigating an Anthrax Outbreak in Tanzania

January 2017

Following a request from the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Children and Elderly, P&R provided technical support, coordination and facilitation of a multi-sectoral investigation of an Anthrax outbreak in Arusha, Tanzania. Anthrax is one of the key zoonotic diseases for which cross-sectoral collaboration among animal, human and environmental health sectors is both feasible and essential for effective prevention and control. P&R’s technical support was designed to facilitate the nascent One Health Coordination Unit (OHCU) to lead multi-sectoral coordination exercises.

P&R focused on providing technical advice in the outbreak management approach, facilitating planning meetings, supporting travel to the field, facilitating documentation of how the district, region and nation were prepared for the outbreak. Human, animal and environmental health experts jointly planned, carried out field investigations and made recommendations to the national taskforce cutting across all One Health sectors. Cross border districts representatives from Kenya were engaged in this process on how to stop the disease from spreading across the border, with financial assistance from the World Bank.

This collaborative effort provided first-hand experience to the OHCU on the significance of effective preparedness and response mechanisms. The outbreak investigation identified salient risk factors, impacts and potential interventions for the development of a long term prevention and control strategy for the country.

P&R Experts

One Health Technical Advisor, Tanzania
Dr. John Kunde serves as the One Health Technical Advisor for P&R for Tanzania, having served as the principal research... Read More

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