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Guinea Holds First Planning for Performance P4P

March 2018

Participants of the Guinea Planning for Performance Workshop (P4P)

Guinea held its first Planning for Performance (P4P) assessment exercise on February 13-14, 2018 with support from P&R.

Dr. Mane Seny, Vice President of Guinea’s National One Health Platform, chaired the first day of the two-day workshop, reminding participants of the Platform’s goals and objectives.

P4P is a P&R developed process and tool that measures the organizational and performance capacities of National One Health Platforms. Providing a baseline, it allows countries to evaluate the progress of their NOHP over time and helps P&R to better align its interventions to the needs of national governments.

The P4P assessment concluded that Guinea’s One Health Platform was performing at a developing capacity, with all basic organizational systems and processes in place. However, the assessment highlighted ongoing weaknesses in select domains of the platform and identified a need for increase in capacity

Stakeholders and participants will prioritize activities for implementation in Guinea as next steps to this P4P assessment.

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