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Developing a One Health Platform Governance Manual in Liberia

February 2018

Liberia platform representatives work collaboratively with P&R to develop operational guidance

The Liberia One Health Coordination Platform (OHCP), with support and collaboration of P&R, held a workshop to review and validate the governance manual and annual work plan of the platform. This decisive workshop took place in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, from February 14-16, 2018. The manual will contribute to the operational sustainability and effectiveness in 2018 and beyond, and with the budgeted plan and One Health strategy, was one of the immediate priorities of the platform identified at launch.

The workshop gathered almost fifty participants from all key sectors involved in the implementation of One Health Approach in Liberia as well as international partners including FAO, PREDICT, WHO. It began with a presentation of objectives and expected outcomes; the progress and challenges of the OHCP. The first day was dedicated to reviewing and validating the governance manual; the second day was spent on the review and validation of the annual work plan of the platform. Based on a participatory methodology, participants worked in group, presented them to plenary and reached agreement upon discussions.

The OHCP’s Governance Manual stated the objectives of the platform and the structures and the process that ensures effective participation in planning and decision-making. The roles and responsibilities of every organ as well as the profile of the members are also described. The functions of the One Health Coordination Platform (OHCP) are grouped under headings of (a) during non-public health events, (b) during public health events, and (c) post public health events.

The validation workshop ended with the following ways forward:

  • The finalization of the governance manual and work plan by March 2018,
  • The development of the One Health strategic plan by March 2018,
  • The organization of the second meeting of the steering committee of the OHCP, planned for March/April 2018.

In June 2017, the Vice-President of the Republic of Liberia officially launched the country’s OHCP with the purpose of productively facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration to address public health. The OHCP is chaired by the Vice President of Liberia and is hosted by the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL). The Secretariat is responsible for the operations of the OHCP. Technicians from line ministries and agencies head the Technical Working Groups. The One Health Self-Assessment, organized in July-August 2017 with the support of P&R, established capacity baselines and measured organizational performance of the platform allowing identifying key areas needing support.

Liberia is the first country in West Africa to develop and validate a governance manual for the national One Health platform.

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