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In Cameroon, More Money for One Health in the 2018 Budget

January 2018

The Minister of Higher Education of Cameroon has agreed to increase a budget line dedicated to One Health, originally created with P&R support in 2017, in his global budget for 2018.

In March 2016, P&R conducted a survey among members of the Permanent Secretariat and the Zoonoses Program Technical Committee (One Health Platform) to evaluate the performance of the National One Health Platform. The study revealed some needs/shortcoming in the running of the Platform; especially with regards to the promotion of the One Health approach. This survey identified the need to develop an advocacy and communication action plan.

As a result, in August 2016, P&R organized a workshop and provided technical support for the drafting of a work plan to reinforce and guide the Platform secretariat. The workshop ended with an agreement in favor of four priority objectives for the advocacy and communication work plan. In addition to the four priority objectives identified, participants made several recommendations. One of the recommendation was to “Appoint a focal point (in charge of the One Health Advocacy) in each key sector.”

It is on the basis of this recommendation that the Professor Francisca of the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) has been officially designated as One Health Focal Point in this Ministry.

In September 2016, the Government validated the Action Plan for Advocacy and Communication and the electronic form was printed (by P&R) and distributed to all stakeholders.

Prof. Francisca used this document to advocate the one Health approach with her Minister in order to obtain a budget line in the 2017 Budget that was being planned at that moment. Her argument was based on the necessity to find the funds for the implementation of Objective 4 of the Action Plan for Advocacy and Communication.

In November 2016, the Minister of Higher Education Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo approved the original budget in an amount of 6,400,000 FCFA was included in the MINESUP budget for 2017. In order to show his continuous support and to better promote the One Health approach, the Minister decided to raise the One Health budget line up to 18,500,000 FCFA in the 2018 budget.

The first use of this budget will be dedicated to organizing a sensitization workshop for the heads of the academic institutions on the “One Health” approach.

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