Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Platform: The National One Health Coordination Platform of Sierra Leone

Stakeholders: The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS), the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and Office National Security (ONS)

Founded: The National One Health Coordination Platform of Sierra Leone was established in June 2017. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the key line ministries defines their role and responsibilities for a better collaboration toward prevention, detection and response to public health threats.

Context: Since November 2016, P&R has been advocating and holding consultative meetings with the representatives from the government of Sierra Leone to establish a multisectoral One Health platform. A platform launch ceremony was held on June 23, 2017 in Sierra Leone and chaired by the vice president of Sierra Leone.

The platform is established with a clearly defined structure, secretariat and a designated One Health secretariat lead. P&R continues to work with the deputy chief medical officer for the Ministry of Health and the director of veterinary services (DVS) for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security – as well as the One Health Secretariat – to lead to operations of the platform. Additional main platform stakeholders are USAID, CDC, Public Health England, WHO, Njala University, the Association of Public Health Laboratories, and the International Organization on Migration. P&R has also supported the WHO/JEE process, as well as the development of the World Bank Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE) work plan.

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One Health Technical Advisor, Sierra Leone

Mukeh Fahnbulleh serves as the National One Health Technical Advisor for P&R in Sierra Leone. Mukeh joins P&R from the government of Sierra Leone, having previously served as the Director of Planning, Policy and Training for the Public Health Emergency Operation Center in Cockerill, Freetown, as well as district liaison/coordinator at the National Ebola Response Center. He holds his master’s in public health and economics from the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

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