Platform: The National Emerging Infectious Disease Coordinating Committee (NEIDCO) was founded in 2009.

Stakeholders: The NEIDCO operates under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Prime Minister, with organizational authority from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The National Avian and Human Influenza Coordinating Office, (NAHICO) was established in May 2006. As pandemic threats from H5N1 to H1N1 evolved to future unknown disease entities, NAHICO became the National Emerging Infectious Disease Coordinating Office (NEIDCO) in May 2009. NEIDCO’s capacity to implement has however been limited due to inadequate support over the past five years. P&R is providing technical and financial support to strengthen NEIDCO and develop a National Five-Year GHSA Roadmap as well as implementation plans for the GHSA Action Packages. In December, P&R helped the Ministry of Health’s Department of Communicable Disease Control and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Livestock organize a two-day workshop to formulate an initial Roadmap, setting key targets for 2021 across 19 different packages. In addition, P&R worked with NEIDCO and FAO in March to support a three-day multisectoral simulation exercise to enhance capacity for rapid response to the threat of H7N9 and H5N1 in northern Lao PDR along the border with China, where H7N9 has been reported. The exercise identified functional capacities and operational gaps among field teams at provincial and central levels.

P&R is now collaborating with WHO and FAO to help NEIDCO finalize the GHSA Roadmap and implementation plans, and is engaging development partners – including Korea, Japan, Australia, the Asian Development Bank, and others – in mobilizing resources to support the plans.

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