Platform: The National Commission for Zoonosis Control (KOMNAS Zoonosis), launched in 2011, is comprised of three bodies: an Interministerial Executive Team, an Expert Panel, and a Secretariat.

Stakeholders: The 55-member executive team includes ministers from a variety of sectors, as well as representatives of the national army, police and the Indonesia Red Cross. The multi-disciplinary Expert Panel includes national experts to provide scientific and strategic guidance.

A Presidential Regulation established KOMNAS Zoonosis in 2011, as a replacement to KOMNAS FPBI, the National Commission for Influenza Control and Pandemic Preparedness. The Secretariat is housed in the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs (PMK). KOMNAS Zoonosis will dissolve at the end of 2017, however, leading to one of P&R’s current lines of work: developing a transition strategy to a new coordinating mechanism. Throughout 2016, P&R worked with PMK-KOMNAS and multiple partners to develop a set of standard guidelines for provincial-level One Health coordination in both emergency and pre-outbreak situations. After pilot testing in Riau and West Kalimantan provinces, the guidelines were finalized and officially handed over to PMK in March 2017. At the request of the USAID mission, P&R has been developing an advocacy strategy for winning support among high-level decision-makers for One Health and EPT-2 activities. The strategy is currently undergoing review from EPT-2 partners.

In addition to supporting all KOMNAS transition strategy and EPT-2 advocacy strategy, P&R will continue to support the GHSA Zoonotic Disease Action Package Indonesia co-leads with Vietnam.

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One Health Technical Advisor, Indonesia

Dr. Asfri Rangkuti serves as the national One Health technical advisor in Indonesia. Asfri joins the project from the UN Food and Animal Organization (FAO), where he served as a Regional Animal Health Officer for Asia and the Pacific. Prior to working with FAO, he worked as a technical officer in veterinary science for ASEAN. He holds his bachelor’s degree in veterinary science from the University of Syiah Kuala, in Banda Aceh, and his master’s degree in agricultural science from the University of Göttingen, Germany.

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