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One Health Day 2016

On November 3, USAID’s Preparedness & Response project is celebrating globally the first annual One Health Day. In Uganda, we worked with the government to launch their One Health Platform. In Thailand, we held a One Health conference, with government leaders and civil society partners, to discuss the future of One Health. We’re also sharing the video below, on what One Health means in preventing, detecting, and responding to emerging disease threats.

One Health In Action

As part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 Program, P&R strengthens the use of One Health approaches in strategic planning, develops policies for human and animal health, encourages sharing of accurate health information to help guide management of activities, assists governments to asses their preparedness and response capacity, designs and implements consensus-based capacity building, and supports institutional and organizational development and cooperation at regional, national, and subnational level.

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